Outdoor Weddings Sound Terrible

The idea of an outdoor wedding is something that really captures the beauty of a wedding in ways that few others do. But then why do they sound bad.

I said that outdoor weddings “sound” terrible. That is nothing against the actual wedding, but more against the actual sound.

In a lot of weddings you pine over every aspect in great detail. The outdoor wedding must have country wedding paper, mason jars, and burlap runners. It needs hay bail benches and this and that, little trinkets of every type. But one thing that gets over looked is the sound. And that is one that that having a wedding outside is bound to need the most.

I’m one for having an outdoor wedding, and you will find many officiants who will be able to help you out. But unless it will be on a porch without any distance to the audience you will need a sound system (the type used to do a lot of fundraisers). The only wedding I saw that benefited from not having this was on a boat dock, guests were all relatively close… And her officiant could really project.

You definitely need to mic them up in other cases. Trust me, it’s really boring sitting through a 15 min ceremony that you can’t hear a single word of. And in an outdoor space with 130 people, almost everyone won’t be able to hear.

I was part of an outdoor wedding that hosted 150 people. During the initial preparation with the officiant she made the statement that her voice would carry well. Everyone was skeptical since she was just the petitest thing in the world. At the rehearsal she showed us what she meant. And I tell you, it was not what she had promised. Her voice was so light and hard to understand even just a couple of rows back that I have to admit I felt bad for other people that took her at her word.

I got to work right away and had her come super early the next day. We did a microphone on her lapel so she wouldn’t have to hold a mic and her book thingy at the same time!

This was so much better.

Lucky hubby has a knack for such things and he had the things at home that we would need for a mini sound system. (Send your hubby her to learn about sound systems.)

Had he not had them the wedding would have gone up by a couple of hundred dollars easily.

So how can you make it sound better without costing a bundle? Borrow one.

Do you know anyone you could borrow a setup from? Even a small one?

Ask people who may not even be coming, anyone who does theater/church singing/lots of fund raisers may have access they can help you with. It’d be best to have one and not need it, then to not have it and it be needed. Also consider your venue shape and size and maybe reserve the front chairs for your older guests.

As a last ditch effort you can always try and rent one but they can be as expensive