Gary Chapman is a Good Read

It’s actually the little everyday things that make a marriage last not the big fancy dates and such. Ask yourself everyday what can I do to make my spouses life easier today? It’s really the small gestures that are most important.

  • required date night – however we’ve discovered that we are usually too tired and grumpy to enjoy each other so we now have Early Morning Breakfast date (once a week). Its sooo much better for so many reasons. We listen better, are more patient and it really sets the mood to have a great day together.
  • we are committed to a volunteer organization that requires us to work together twice a week. It helps us keep our priorities in focus. Also, if we happen to not be getting along, it forces us to “get it together ” and get along for the sake of others.
  • finding time/activities alone. He enjoys fishing, I enjoy crafts and alone time in general. That also helps us remember that we are separate people who deal with stress in our own way. It also helpful to bring something to the relationship to talk about other than the kids or work. Helps us to appreciate each other’s individuality.

Reading helps a lot too! I love relationship books. The five love languages by Gary Chapman is a good read. Same goes for him. If you give as much respect and preference to your spouse as you give to your boss/client, you’re in good shape. Make the time.