Space Your Children

Having kids very close in age has negatives of sibling rivalry, whereas, if you give them some gap (say 3 years apart) then they can still play together but not in such fierce competition (for same toys, etc.).

She may come around to another once things are more settled into a routine. My 1st in now in preschool and a 2nd is on the way. I didn’t really want another (for many reasons) but knew that sibling play would be really valuable. So here we go =)

Good luck. Focus on the positive and keep voicing your belief in a larger family. She may come around with a change in heart.

It is not just her body, her choice. This is both of yours family. If you all discussed this prior to marriage and she has simply changed her mind now, then that is not right. Short of her having serious problems while pregnant (and no, being uncomfortable or nauseated for a couple months does not count as serious problems, nor does chosing to be induced and not liking how that turned out), she needs to reconsider. This is not fair to you and you should not be left out of the loop just because she is the female. Your opinion and thoughts count too.

Even if you have a generally easy pregnancy is still very difficult, and that’s not even considering a number of other factors. What was her emotional state? Did she have post partum depression? What was their experience with the newborn? Did mom do all the work? You don’t know near enough to suggest that this woman should sacrifice her body against her will. I do think she should consider her husbands desires, but she’s not a baby making machine that should just produce at her husband’s will.

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